Apart from the attractive nature that is filled with lots of wildlife and magnificent views without forgetting the beautiful beaches, Tanzania is blessed with a rich culture and we would like our visitors to experience it.
With more than 120 ethinic groups available in Tanzania, there is a lot of cultural experiences to be had.

Visiting a Maasai Village

Meet the indigineous tribe of the Ngorongoro conservation area and be exposed to all aspects of their lifestyle. You will be invited to participate in their traditional dance performed by men in their colorful cloaks where they chant and jump, every man trying to jump higher than the others.
After the welcome dance, you can visit the traditional Maasai Hut which is the handwork of the Maasai women. They build them in one month time. The Maasai are known for upholding thier traditional values and culture strongly.

Visiting The Hadzabe Village

Meet the "The Gods must be crazy" folks. The Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania is the last true nomades of Africa. They live around Lake Eyasi in the central Rift Valley and in the neighboring Serengeti plateau. They are among the last hunter-gatherers in the world.
Meru slopes tours and safaris can take you on an amazing adventure with the Hadzas. You will get to join the men as they hunt for their daily food using traditional Bow and arrows, or join the women as they forage for fruits and berries.